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Skill expert Digital Marketing Management Skill Project Software Project Software Management

We have experience in Digital Marketing Manager and Sales & Project software management to development software more than 15 year ago. We looking for this job path career about Digital Marketing Management / Project Management.

Skill Knowledge Digital Online Marketing

Analyze strategy in depth to target customer and find strategy 5W1H to customer.

Skill analyze target group customer

Knowledge of analyze target segment customer Gen X , Gen Y, Gen Z to approach in product.

Skill advance google analytics

Knowledge of analyze visitor / goal / keyword in website and expert adapt SEO /SEM to make the web more searchable.

Skill social network marketing

Knowledge skill content marketing to target groups / analyze engagement customer promote channel (Facebook / Twitter / Line / instagram / other) and development report online real time.

Skill landing page marketing

Knowledge skill to planning & development digital campaign for activity get prospect new customer or register something right that all campaign to landing page on website.

Skill Programming

Knowleadge skill to opensource development by wordpress,joomla,cms E-commerce and has to development by php/ mysqli / html /css / Jquery / Javascript.

Blogger community & Website partners

Connection to blogger community group IT Gadget / Beauty / Automobil more 30 - 50 Peoples.

Engagement & Analyze & Customer target

Analyze target group data ( Gen X, Gen Y , Gen Z) to approach in product. .

  • Strategy of analyze target group channel online.

    Analyze target channel online and strategy plan content Marketing and media marketing.

  • Development for support digital campaign of requirement.

    Development tool & landing page & web site & etc. for support digital campaign of requirement.


Lifestyle & Favorite

We are lifestyle and like to learn about information technology , Mobile Platform.

  • Lifestyle & exercise

    favorite cycling every weeks and weight training.

  • Programming

    We are like learning and programming front-end Web site & Mobile with Android Stuido, HTML5,CSS3,JQUERY,PHP,MYSQL,MARAI DB.

  • Photo & Blogger

    We are like photographer and share contents in Social Network and Blogger.

Show Project Website & Social Network

Show Projects

Social Network Project


Project Manager Website


Basic Android Studio


Slide thinking present

Slide thinking for present contents overviews.


More than 15 years of Sales & Project marketing in portfolio customer.

My Website

We have our website about 4 website another detail about this lifestyle , online media , Travel and E-Commerce website.
                                                                              Blog about Lifestyle
  • Online Digital Media
  • Software House Idea2mobile.com
  • E-Commerce Program

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I would welcome the opportunity to meet with you and you can contact me at 0-6618-8111, 086-386-3896 to arrange a convenient time

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